We Brand for Agencies

The forefront of technology in branding

Digital asset management, customization and distribution, all in one.

Visual branding made simple

Marketing materials can now be customized by anyone with no risk to the brand identity. Improve client retention by increasing your campaigns’ reach and delivering data-proof results.


How does it work?

We Brand’s technology allows marketing materials to be shared with anyone involved in an organisation, with no risk to the visuals or to the content.

  1. Create templates using restrictions

    Create or import existing artwork, and decide what elements can be changed, and how they can be edited.

  2. Make customizable artwork available

    Allow your clients to make all their materials editable by their staff members, sales reps, customers and more.


Switch between clients, quickly and easily

Run multiple client accounts from the same dashboard and switch between projects easily. Store and give controlled access to your clients’ visual assets as required.


All images can be named, tagged and organised into folders. They are also all resized to multiple versions during the upload process, so that your designers do not have to work with heavy files.

Text & Fonts

Set up pre-defined text blocks, so that your team doesn’t have to retype, restyle and reproof-read textual elements.

Brand Kit

Store colour palletes and fonts to make brand consistency easier for your staff and your clients’ team.

Editable designs

Make your artwork fully editable and customizable, so that new versions can be created as required.

Compatible with Adobe Suite

There is absolutely no double work when you create templates on we brand. Any artwork your team creates on InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop can be exported as a PDF and imported into We Brand in a few clicks.

Compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and PDF

No training required

Gain access to an easy and intuitive interface that requires no training or set up time. Everyone in your team and your client’s team can be up and running in minutes.

Easy to use

Increase reach with user generated content

Harness advocates through your client’s network by allowing them to put their own voice into their marketing materials and share on their personal page.

Increase reach by allowing customers to edit elements

See and share the results

Get to know what campaigns are being interacted with the most by checking the reports and present data-driven results.

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Increase reach by allowing customers to edit elements
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