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The forefront of technology in branding

Digital asset management, customisation and distribution, all in one.

Consistent Branding

Content personalisation & distribution made simple

We Brand makes it easier for artwork to be accessed, personalised and distributed by your clients, with no risk to the brand’s visual identity or the agency’s intellectual property. It allows everyone to work from one central location, putting an end to time-wasting back-and-forth email correspondences.

Digital Asset Management Icons

How does it work?

We Brand’s technology allows marketing materials to be shared with anyone involved in an organisation, with no risk to the visuals or to the content.

Create templates using advanced restrictions

Create or import existing artwork, and decide what elements can be changed, and how they can be edited.

Make customisable artwork available

Make marketing materials customisable by your clients, as well as their team, staff members, representatives, influencers, and customers.

Digital Asset Management Simplified

Run multiple client accounts from the same dashboard and switch between projects easily. Store and give access to your clients’ digital assets as required.


يمكن تسمية الصور ووضع علامات عليها وتنظيمها في مجلدات. إنهم يتم تغيير الحجم تلقائيًا إلى إصدارات متعددة ، بحيث لا يتعين على فريقك العمل مع الملفات الثقيلة.

Brand Kit

Store colour palettes and fonts and make brand consistency a no-brainer.

Text & Fonts

Set up pre-defined text blocks, so that your team doesn’t have to retype, restyle and reproof-read textual elements.

Editable designs

Make your artwork fully customisable, so that new versions can be created as required.

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, PDF icons

متوافق مع ملفات Adobe

There is no double work involved in creating templates. Any artwork your team creates on InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop can be exported as a PDF and imported to We Brand in a few clicks. You will have a completely editable PDF that can be used as a template and shared as required.

Online Design Editor

Be Up and Running in Minutes

تمتع بالوصول إلى واجهة سهلة وبديهية لا تتطلب تدريبًا داخليًا أو وقت إعداد. إنشاء حسابات عملاء جديدة في دقائق ، وتزويدهم بـ نهج الخدمة الذاتية لإنشاء المحتوى . قم بإعداد قيود للتحكم بدقة في كيفية تعديل عملائك للتخطيطات ، دون الحاجة إلى برامج معقدة للتنزيل أو الترميز.

Marketing Flow Diagram

Increase Collaboration and Organic Reach

We Brand allows companies to harness brand advocates through their own network. By allowing anyone to personalise branded materials, organisations will enable on-brand user-generatedcontent to be created where and when is needed, and the brand message to spread organically.

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