Pro Team

All graphic design features, plus:

  • Create & manage templates
  • Restrict changes & enforce brand guidelines
  • Set up distribution groups & alerts
  • View your team feed
  • Manage & share digital assets
  • Up to 1,000 guest accounts
Per License Monthly


All that's in Pro Team, plus:

  • Request & manage creative tasks
  • Manage your team's workload
  • Chat with othe users within the platforms
  • Approve print requests
  • Approve social share requests
  • Up to 5,000 guest accounts
Per License Monthly


All that's in Ultimate, plus:

  • Multiple brand management
  • API & whitelabel options
  • Single sign on & security solutions
  • 99.99+ Service Level Agreements
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Unlimited guest accounts

A brand hub for your organisation

Get access to a feature-rich platform that helps you protect & promote your brand.

Create templates

Apply restrictions

Manage campaigns

Manage digital assets

Simple design editor

PDF Importer

Free stock images

iOS, Android & Web

User role
Use a simple, yet powerful design tool
Access 1000s of pre-made layouts
Automatically resize to different dimensions
Import existing PDF files
Use 100% royalty-free stock images
Group templates into campaigns for selected distribution
Notify members & guests when new campaigns are available
Define how fonts, colours, logos and placements can be changed on a design
Control the content and define what text and images can be used
Control what users can do with the file (print, download, share on social media)
Create user groups that include members & guests
Define user roles for your admins & members
Upload your own fonts
Set colour palettes for your brand
Upload images, icons, videos and organise them into folders
Manage and give access to your digital assets
Access company assets
Use a simple design tool that allows you to edit as intended by the admin
Share content straight to social media
Print content using an office printer
Download high-resolution files with bleed marks for professional printing
Download files with transparent background
Produce content on Web, iOS and Android

Calculate Your Savings

Bucket of Actions

Your total price is Monthly

How much do you save?

It is estimated that your business will save per month by switching to We Brand and open itself to many more business opportunities by using the world’s only User Generated Content Solution.

What not having We Brand costs you now.

The power of We Brand is that you can allow any user to self-service instantly without waiting for a new file to be edited and published. Simple changes of a price in an advert, an image on a flyer or a date change in a coupon or even a business card name can be done in seconds with complete assurance that the brand guidelines are followed. Typically, designers/brand managers spend hours per project amendment request, receiving around new publish requests a month from its members, at an average cost of per hour based on global design industry benchmarks. Save on average per month in design costs*

The designers may still get subscriptions to professional products such as adobe, but you will save on members access to such platforms for both design & asset management that cost an average of around per month multiplied by your number of members. Even guests will get access to our simple, yet powerful mobile and web design editor for free. Save at least per month in software costs*

As there is only so much time (and budget) available, many requests cannot be fulfilled by the creative team resources. There may be seasonal promotions that cannot be made promptly, social campaigns that are missed due to reactivity, brochures printed without that recently launched product because the image was not there and this is just the start. Organisations typically have at least member requests a month that they are not able to fulfil on time, with a cost of at least for each missed opportunity. Save per month in unfulfilled business opportunities*

And the bonus that makes We Brand a no brainer.

You can now harness advocates through your own network, triggering and equipping everyone involved to add their own voice to a campaign whilst controlling exactly what they can and cannot change.

They may be a friend that customises & shares a post on their own social media about a service that brings in new clients, or a client that prints a poster to promote your product in his store and increases sales, or a blogger who customises a banner to add to their site that drives traffic to your business.

The ability to now open your network is only surpassed by your imagination of creating new User Generate Campaigns and Promotions.

When you add a bucket to your account, you get to invite as many guests as you want**. You currently have a actions for any invited guest to print, share or download any template you make available to them in your account group. We estimate that each of these action produces a typical return value excess of per transaction based on market research dependent upon location and delivery method.

You can generate or more per month in new business value*

* Figures are estimated based on global industry market research and from user case studies of those organisations that have deployed We Brand throughout their organisation. You can edit the standard benchmark and assumed numbers to fit your own business. ** Fair usage rules apply. We monitor the system for accounts that invite more than a set multiple times of the total bucket allocation number to protect against spam policies.

Jumpstart with our 7 day training and set up program

Don’t have time to add templates? We can do that for you. Get a personal 7-day account training on-boarding manager to set you up for success.

Frequently Asked Questions


Members have a "per user" monthly (or annual) cost, and can share, download & print files with no limitations. Guests have no cost to the organisation, as they can login and create for free. Simply subscribe to an action bucket & whenever they share, download or print a file that action is deducted from the bucket.


Absolutely. Most organisations choose to invite as members their marketing team, key staff, stores, sales reps and any users who are constantly producing content for the brand. They will then invite as guests all the other employees, store workers, B2B customers, influencers, contractors that only need occasional access.


We are here to enable rather than penalise user-generated content creation and distribution. It is our mission to empower not only your team to create branded content, but also the brand’s entire network. Our pricing makes sense for users who are constantly creating content for the brand, but also enables you to get everyone else involved.


This really depends on how many people will create templates, manage campaigns, and add assets. Admins can be the head designer, a person from your agency who is responsible for uploading templates, as well as the marketing or brand manager. Small & Medium organisations typically have a few admins per account, whilst bigger organisations can have 100 plus.


The bucket of actions is a pay as you go option to use towards the shares/downloads/prints of the guests you invite for free. Once they share or print or download a file they created, that action is deducted from your bucket. You can choose to limit the numbers of action per user, and to upgrade to a bigger bucket if you run out.


Yes, if you remove or add new members/admins or change your bucket. You can also always move someone from admin to member to guests, and vice-versa. As we add more features, you will be able to choose which modules you want to add to your account, so you never have to pay for things you do not use.


Yes. If your company has 20 or more users between members and admins, we can organise an invoice for an annual payment. Chat to us


Yes. We have special discounts for non-for profit as well as schools, colleges and universities. Chat to us


We Brand serves companies of all sizes, from start-ups to franchise groups to big enterprise companies. If you are looking to allow people in your organisation to have autonomy to create content, whilst keeping your brand consistent, then definitely yes. Chat to us

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