Equip anyone to design on your behalf.

Allow others to personalise your branded content & spread your message.

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Accessible by everyone

Your marketing materials become templates that allow staff members, associates, stores, influencers & customers to edit and distribute your content, with no risk to your brand identity.

Ensure brand consistency

Save time, money and headaches

With We Brand anyone involved with your company can modify and publish on-brand marketing materials, with no involvement from the head office. You can finally stop spending your budget creating new versions of the same designs, and start saving your team’s time.

Ensure brand consistency

Say good-bye to wrong fonts, colours, logos and placements compromising your brand’s visual identity. Use We Brand smart templates to control how each element of a layout is modified by others. Let anyone use your branded materials with the guarantee that they will only change what you want them to.

Control the content

Not only can you protect your campaign’s visuals, but also stop content from falling outside your message standards. Use our comprehensive restrictions to prevent others from reducing a price under a certain amount, extending a promotion after a set date, using products from old collections, adding profanities, and many others.

Manage the brand's assets


Add the company logos and establish guidelines on how they should be used by others.


Upload your own fonts, or choose from hundreds of royalty-free options. Allow others to design and customise branded materials using your fonts.


Create colour pallets, so that your colour schemes are always handy when templates and designs are being created and customized.


Upload your images, backgrounds and logos. Allow others to access and use them whenever they need to.


Store text content such as addresses, websites, bios, product descriptions, and company details. Allow others to access and use your text blocks, so that information can be used quickly and accurately.


Add and manage icons and vectors. Allow others to use them on your marketing materials as required.


For Marketers

  • Create a unified branding experience.
  • Improve campaigns’ time to market.
  • Save hundreds of hours of your team’s time.
  • Stop wasting your budget with duplicated graphics.
  • Increase R.O.I. by allowing anyone to become an advocate.

For Designers

  • Streamline the creative process.
  • Work from one centralised repository of assets.
  • Stop wasting time producing duplicated graphics.
  • Stop getting frustrated with endless changes.
  • Create templates in minutes using We Brand’s WYSIWYG editor.
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