US$ 14.95 per month

Monthly subscription

US$ 11.95 per month

Annual subscription

What your company gets:

A powerful WYSIWYG editor

Easy enough that anyone can use comfortably, yet powerful for designers to achieve the desired results.

Restrictions & Campaign Manager

Control how, where and when your marketing materials are used. Restrict members from changing parts of the design with an array of options from content to colours.

Brand Asset Manager

Consolidate all your visual assets in to one central location. Upload your images, logos and fonts. Add your colour palettes and standard text.

PSD & PDF Import

Pull out all elements from existing PDF, PSD & SVG files. Simply drag & drop them into the templates to facilitate creation.

Plus all these design features

  • Access previous versions of your templates.
  • Pre-defined formats for social media, advertising and printing.
  • 1000's of ready-made designs, which can be tweaked and used as your own.
  • Millions of free-to-use images available.
  • Hundreds of free-to-use fonts available.
  • Thousands of free-to-use backgrounds, vectors and text banners.

What can admins & members do?

Admins Members
Create and manage campaigns.
Create and manage templates.
Restrict how members use templates.
Add and manage the organisation’s assets.
Add and manage team members.
Access templates from a central location.
Use the organisation’s assets when editing a template.
Customize templates as allowed by restrictions.
Share, download and print designs.
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