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Automatic design generation: Click button, receive branding

Experience the speed of automation: let everyone in your organization generate all the files they need in seconds.
Automatic design generation

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Auto-generated on-brand files

Auto-generated on-brand files tailored to individual needs

With We Brand, you set the stage with customizable, on-brand templates. Then, anyone in your organization can automatically generate personalized designs. They can input or import details, and we will take care of the rest, populating every template with the correct information and generating all the files each person needs. Say goodbye to endless back-and-forths and hello to instant, professional-quality designs.

Data import: One-click creation without any typing

To allow for fast creation, We Brand imports details from different sources and uses data stored in our system.

CRM or HR systems

Connect your systems with We Brand to import data such as prices, names, and titles.

CMR or HR systems

CSV file imports

Export data from your current systems into a CSV file, then import it into We Brand.

CSV file imports

User library & profile data

Leverage the data stored within We Brand and previously used information.

User library & profile data

Automated onboarding essentials

Organizations are streamlining the onboarding process by allowing new hires to auto-create all the essentials. From personalized business cards and customized email signatures to engaging LinkedIn announcement posts, you can ensure new team members have everything they need to start their journey on the right foot, reflecting a warm welcome and professional brand alignment from day one.
Automated onboarding essentials
Effortless creation

Effortless creation of tailored promotional materials

Sales and marketing teams can quickly produce tailored kits using data such as pricing, product photos, and discount information to auto-create all collateral materials in one go. This feature enhances the speed of marketing campaigns and allows for rapid adjustments to cater to specific demands or inventory changes, keeping promotions fresh and engaging.

Transforming property listings: Instant, eye-catching materials

Real Estate companies use We Brand to empower their agents to create captivating listings in seconds. By inputting images, prices, and property details, agents can produce comprehensive, visually appealing showcases for each new listing. This automation elevates the presentation of properties and significantly speeds up the process of bringing new listings to the market.
Instant materials
UGC mastery

UGC mastery: Personalized testimonials for social media

We Brand is transforming social media campaigns by enabling users to easily incorporate personal testimonials, images, and videos into their content. While users input their testimonials, the platform automatically generates all necessary sizes for social media posts, ensuring content is optimized for every platform. This feature facilitates a personalized touch in campaigns, enhancing engagement and relatability across various social media channels.

Most utilized fields in automated template collections

Companies are using these customizable fields to make creating market-specific materials as straightforward as possible, empowering everyone to generate personalized content at the push of a button.

Contact information

Update files with local contact details and addresses, making every design region-specific and accessible.

Local pricing

Adjust pricing and discount information to reflect local currency, tax implications, or special offers, making promotions relevant to the target market.

Product images

Replace generic product images with photos of items available in local inventory, enhancing the accuracy and appeal of sales materials.

Profile information

Personalize materials with individual user photos and professional details, ideal for business cards, email signatures, and personal branding initiatives.

Local logos

Swap out generic logos for local or branch-specific logos, ensuring each piece of content resonates with its intended audience.

Partner brand colours

Adapt template colours to align with partner or affiliate brands for collaborative campaigns, ensuring seamless visual integration.


Insert specific testimonials or quotes to lend authenticity and personal touch to marketing efforts, enhancing trust among target audiences.

Legal text

Tailor legal disclaimers or terms and conditions to comply with regional legal requirements, an essential to meet local regulatory standards.

Features at glance

Unlock the power of automation for effortless, professional content creation.
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Automated file generation

Create consistent, on-brand designs automatically.
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Seamless data integration

Import details from CRM, HR systems, or CSV files.
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No design skills necessary

Enable anyone to generate professional content.
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Save countless hours of valuable time

Batch-create all the needed materials in seconds.

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Take the first step towards effortless, automated design generation. Empower your team to achieve more with less, ensuring your brand stands out—every time, everywhere.
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