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Enterprise intelligence
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The first DAM platform with enterprise search and knowledge discovery. 

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Jump easy: let us manage your move.
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Pixel perfection: Image editing at everyone’s fingertips

We Brand’s image editor enables anyone in your organization to create stunning content while design teams set the stage for consistent brand excellence.
Image editing

Trusted by industry leaders

Brand's visual potential

Unleash your brand's visual potential

Our image editor is designed to empower every member of your organization, enabling them to create stunning, brand-aligned images. Whether you're crafting a compelling social media post, a professional presentation, or an engaging marketing campaign, We Brand has you covered.

Create templates with image frames

We Brand effortlessly transforms your creative vision into tangible templates, enabling brands to create customizable image frames that mirror their unique style. Import frames from Figma, Illustrator, or InDesign, design bespoke frames with our user-friendly editor or choose from our vast collection of ready-made frames.
Templates with image frames
Drag, drop, dazzle

Let them drag, drop, and dazzle

Anyone in your company, regardless of their design expertise, can effortlessly place an image into the template frame. It's as simple as selecting an image and dropping it into the frame—our platform takes care of the rest, ensuring the image conforms perfectly to the frame's boundaries. Whether your frame is a heart, star, square, or any shape imaginable, the process is intuitive and yields professional, brand-aligned results instantly.

Cropping: Precision and flexibility at your fingertips

Our cropping tool is designed for ultimate ease and flexibility, enabling users to effortlessly crop images to fit perfectly within predefined frames or to freely adjust the crop area to their liking. With intuitive zoom-in and out capabilities, users can highlight specific aspects of an image, focusing on the most important details or capturing the perfect composition.

Filters: Instantly transform images with predefined styles

From the timeless elegance of grayscale to the vivid vibes of Cali, explore popular filter options like Nordic, Epic, The Blues, and many more. Each filter is crafted to enhance your images and bring your brand's story to life. Plus, when a template includes a specific filter set by the administrator, any image dropped into that template automatically inherits the defined filter, seamlessly integrating with your brand's aesthetic.

Enhance, blend, and interact: Unlock new dimensions in image design

Change photo opacity

Ideal for layers or subtle backgrounds.

Change Opacity (1)

Combine colour and image

Unlock limitless background possibilities.

Combine Color and Image (1)

Embed links

Make images interactive with embedded links.

Embed Links (1)

AI image creation: Empowering creation within brand boundaries

Dive into innovation that erases photography constraints, allowing anyone in your organization to craft images that adhere to brand guidelines. Our AI Image Creation fuses technology with creativity, generating unique images that echo your brand's core. This feature transforms ideas into bespoke visuals, delivering a stream of tailored imagery for impactful marketing, all while ensuring your content stays fresh and relevant.
AI image creation