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Transform your InDesign projects into We Brand templates

With the InDesign Plugin, you can export files directly into We Brand. Edit every detail and publish your designs as versatile templates for endless customization.
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Trusted by industry leaders

Unparalleled support for all InDesign files

We Brand InDesign Plugin turns files into editable templates while preserving the original design. Different from other tools, our editor matches the intricacy and flexibility of InDesign, from page layout management to multi-page text box handling, ensuring a seamless transition for users.
We Brand design solution

From InDesign to editable templates

Image placeholders

Upon export, all images in your InDesign file become image placeholders within We Brand. This allows for easy replacement without altering the original layout or design.

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Font matching

We Brand automatically matches the fonts used in your InDesign file to the fonts in your library, ensuring your template maintains its intended appearance and brand consistency.

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Text box integrit

Text boxes will be the same as in your InDesign file, including their flow from one page to another. This ensures your text remains as dynamic and adaptable as it was in InDesign.

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Advanced text editing for real publishing

We Brand allows anyone to manage text-heavy publications with advanced text editing capabilities. Our web editor blends advanced text features with powerful design tools, ideal for matching InDesign’s capability in building product manuals, books, magazines, brochures, and more.

Advanced document customization, just like InDesign

Improve navigability

Customize headers & footers, create dynamic table of contents, and use advanced page numbering options.

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Enhanced customization

Customize documents with table support, adjustable section names, and prefix support.

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Optimized page layout

Gain control over your layout with our spacing controls, alignment options, and fluid columns.

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Empowering everyone: edit & customize on any device

Once templates are live on We Brand, people in your organization can customize them from a simplified version of our editor, available on a computer, tablet, or phone. Plus, they can automatically fill out the templates with individual details to make the process quicker.
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Your files, always print-ready

We Brand imports all print parameters from InDesign, including bleed settings, ensuring your file is always ready for customization and printing. Anyone can easily tailor and print your designs without compromising on quality. Additionally, our extensive print network offers the convenience of local printing options, allowing high-quality publications to be delivered efficiently, catering to your needs wherever you are.

Easy multilingual translations for InDesign documents

We Brand simplifies translating InDesign documents into multiple languages with its integrated translation feature. It automatically manages and updates translations, eliminating the need to retranslate modified text. This streamlined approach ensures efficient, consistent multilingual content management, making global outreach more accessible.
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Instant asset updates with DAM integration

Once you import templates, they sync with your Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, automatically updating all assets. This means you can quickly change texts, descriptions, and images across all templates without hassle. It keeps everything accurate and consistent, making managing your content simpler and more efficient.

Scale your design power and cut software costs

Say goodbye to the hurdles of expensive Adobe licenses and underused features. We Brand offers a scalable, cost-effective solution, cutting the need for pricey Adobe subscriptions and making design simpler for everyone. Now, you can do more with less and focus your resources on what counts.
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Take your InDesign projects further with We Brand. Here, creativity and ease come together, letting you create and share like never before. Want to see how?