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We Brand: Artwork resizing, simplified

With We Brand's resizing feature, your artwork will retain its original charm and be optimized for wherever your brand lives – from social media to billboards.
Auto resize

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Create once, resize for all

Forget the days of recreating designs for different formats. Hassle-Free Resizing means you design your artwork once, and we take care of adjusting it for any platform or size. Imagine designing a vibrant social media post and seeing it transform into an eye-catching poster with no extra effort on your part.

Customizable templates and user-centric flexibility

Our platform not only simplifies the resizing process but also ensures that every file can be a starting point for further creativity. Here's how we make it happen:

Create new formats

When your creative team resizes a template, we create new formats that remain fully editable, ensuring that they can tweak, modify, and re-imagine each piece to fit their vision perfectly.

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Effortless format filtering

For those utilizing these templates, our user-friendly interface allows for seamless filtering by format. This means finding the perfect foundation for your project is as simple as a few clicks.Image Here (3)

Empowering resizing

We Brand enables template customization to include the resizing feature. Your design team can selectively determine which materials are resizable, tailoring the experience to meet user needs.Image Here

Optimized for every social channel

Our feature for Channel-Specific Formats automatically tailors your design for optimal viewing on any social media platform. Whether it's an Instagram story, a Facebook banner, or a Twitter post, your content will look its best without any manual tweaking. This means a single campaign visual can be effortlessly repurposed across platforms, maintaining visual consistency while adhering to each platform's unique requirements.
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Pre-set sizes at your fingertips

The effortless selection of pre-set sizes eradicates the need to research and remember the myriad of digital and print format dimensions. For digital marketers, this means instantly getting your designs ready for Google Ads banners, YouTube thumbnails, or Pinterest pins, significantly cutting down the time usually spent on resizing and adjustments.

Cross-format adaptability

Versatile printing options make it a breeze to adapt your digital designs for print. Whether you're transitioning a digital brochure from A4 to US Letter size for an international conference or need to switch a poster design from inches to millimeters for a global campaign, our tool ensures that your artwork remains impactful and true to your vision.
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Unmatched resolution for all sizes

We support all sizes, from Thumbnail to Billboard, meaning your creativity knows no bounds. Design a compelling small web banner and watch as we upscale it to a trade show banner without losing an ounce of quality. This feature ensures that your brand's visual impact is felt strongly, regardless of the physical or digital space it occupies.

Resizing for local print

We Brand streamlines the transition from digital to local print, offering instant resizing to optimal formats within our global print network. This ensures swift, high-quality printing tailored to regional requirements, guaranteeing your designs are not just ready but perfectly adapted for local printing, wherever your campaign takes you.
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