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Universal recognition and replacement of repeated assets, DAM smart

We Brand’s Intelligent Asset Linking feature allows you to identify and manage digital assets across multiple files, ensuring streamlined updates and consistency organization-wide.
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Trusted by industry leaders

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Advanced scanning for perfect asset alignment

When you upload your files, We Brand begins a thorough scanning process. This advanced AI identifies repeated assets and compares them against what you have stored in your Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. Whether you are dealing with Figma designs, Adobe Creative Suite projects, or PDF documents, We Brand can manage and synchronize your assets efficiently.

Consolidate your digital assets for global asset synch

After scanning, our AI bundles frequently used assets together, creating a unified entity in your Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. This allows for quick, universal updates across all files with minimal effort. Changes to an asset automatically reflect everywhere it's used, streamlining asset management and content compliance. This efficient process transforms your DAM system into a powerful tool for easy, organization-wide asset synchronization.
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Intelligent asset linking with enhanced features

Customize matching levels

Tailor the level of matching for Workflows to your specific needs. Choose from 100%, 90%, and other thresholds for precision in asset synchronization.

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Duplicate asset identification

Easily spot and manage duplicated assets within your platform. This avoids redundant storage and ensures optimal asset usage.

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Trigger management action

The platform automatically prompts your team for actions such as Update, Delete, or Review, streamlining the asset management process.

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Brand visual consistency: an AI oversight for unified brand presence

Our enhanced AI recognizes color and compares it to your approved palettes, ensuring consistency across all files. It also detects misplaced logos or brand elements, upholding brand integrity. Maintaining a uniform visual identity reinforces your brand's recognition and trust.

Ditch your worries about outdated, inconsistent content

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Error correction

Automatically identify and correct errors in textual assets. Our system suggests actions for possible spelling mistakes.
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Better decisions

By suggesting actions, we empower your team to make informed decisions regarding asset usage and updates.
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Fast updates

Ensure accuracy across all documents, with the system automatically making the necessary changes.
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Empower teams

Provide a current, accurate, and consistent digital landscape to everyone in your organization.

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Join the future of digital asset management with We Brand. Streamline digital asset management process, ensuring every asset is consistently updated, accurate, and synchronized.
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