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We Brand's print editor: Print perfect, every time

Forget about the back-and-forth with printers over file issues. We Brand ensures your files are ready to print right from the start.
Print perfect, every time

Trusted by industry leaders

Print-ready files – always

Your vision, flawlessly executed

We Brand ensures that every file produced across your organization is print-ready. Imagine a world where the feedback from printers is always positive, and every file generated under your brand is a testament to quality and precision. This world begins with our Print File Editor, designed to elevate file quality organization-wide.

Features designed for excellence

Safe area guidelines

Secure your critical elements within designated safe areas to guarantee they remain intact after cutting.

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Image quality assurance

Our advanced image quality checker removes the guesswork, ensuring your images are clear.

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Bleed area checker

Say goodbye to unwanted white edges. We ensure your images stretch over the canvas’ edge.

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Uncompromised quality with vector precision

We Brand leverages the precision of vector-based editing technology (SVG), allowing every design element to scale to any size without quality compromise. We also maintain the integrity of your images, not compressing them during the upload process. This means we utilize the highest quality images available, guaranteeing that your final print files are not only of exceptional quality but also maintain their crispness in every detail.
Vector precision
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Seamless resizing for global standards

We Brand's print file editor offers unmatched flexibility with its resizing feature. It allows you to easily adjust your perfect print files to fit regional size standards in inches or millimeters. This ensures your designs are universally adaptable, making your print process smooth and efficient.

Essential finishing touches for perfect prints

Crop marks addition

Add crop marks effortlessly for precision cutting and alignment.

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CMYK colour export

Export files in CMYK colours for true-to-life print quality.

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PDF preview downloads

Preview your print files in PDF format before finalizing.

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Template creation for flawless prints

Your design team can create print templates with predefined bleed settings and locked elements. Then, anyone who customizes these templates will have the confidence to print, knowing the technical aspects have been taken care of. Our process guides non-professionals from customization to print, guaranteeing that each step is flawless.
Template creation with flawless prints

Advanced print features

Template creators can use advanced features designed to upgrade the print process.

Manage bleed settings

For the meticulous designer, manage and lock bleed settings for your team, streamlining the design process.

Manage Bleed (1)

Import files with bleed

Bring in existing bleed from PDFs or InDesign files, and edit them seamlessly within our intuitive and powerful tool.

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Approval workflow

Incorporate an approval workflow to ensure every piece meets your team's high standards before going to print.

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Global printing network

Streamline your printing with We Brand's global network

Our global on-demand print network brings your projects to life quickly, sustainably, and without the hassle of inventory. Whether you need business cards, branded merchandise, or corporate publications, we offer a catalog of options. Benefit from low-emission printing, rapid delivery across 130 countries, and impeccable quality—every order, every time.

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From advanced quality checks to versatile editing tools, every feature is designed with your success in mind. Transform your print projects from good to exceptional.
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