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Global asset sync: The future of digital asset management

The era of missed updates and outdated information is officially over. With We Brand, every file is updated in real-time, regardless of where it's stored, when it was created, or who created it.
Global asset sync

Trusted by industry leaders

Updates in seconds

No more outdated information and manual updates

Imagine making a crucial update to an asset and having that change reflected across every file within your organization in seconds. That's the power of Global Asset Sync. Our AI-driven capabilities guarantee that no change goes unnoticed, automating the refresh process across all files.

Synchronize, refresh, and translate across every file in your organization

Update templates with new assets

Automatically refresh your organization's templates with the latest images or text.

Update templates with new assets

Update files created from templates

Ensure that assets in files created by employees are current without lifting a finger.

Update files created from templates

Update translation on demand

When a text asset is updated, we create a task for translators to update the associated translations or translate with AI if preferred.

Update translation on demand

Effortless setup, maximum impact: Streamline synchronization

Simply upload your assets to our Digital Asset Management (DAM) system and flag them for synchronization. We Brand takes over from there, linking your assets to all relevant files and templates. Need to make a change? A single click is all it takes to update every instance across your organization.
Effortless setup
Intelligent asset linking

Intelligent asset linking: Let AI do the heavy lifting

When you are uploading new files, our sophisticated AI scans each document in depth, identifying identical content and linking it as a Synced Asset. This comprehensive process guarantees that your assets remain consistent and up-to-date across multiple and reduces manual effort, allowing your team to focus on their core creative and strategic tasks.

Simplifying success: A quick guide to asset synchronization

Upload your assets

Upload your assets to our DAM system and mark them for synchronization.

Upload your assets

Automatic linking

Our AI does the heavy lifting, linking your assets to the relevant files and templates.

Automatic linking

Instant updates

Need to make a change? Update assets across all documents and templates in one click.

Instant updates

Updating important text? Meet your saviour for critical changes

Whether you're moving offices and need to update your address across numerous proposals and contact sheets, refining your slogan for a marketing boost, or adjusting product compositions in response to feedback, Global Asset Sync ensures that these crucial updates are reflected everywhere instantly.
Update assets instantly everywhere
Global asset sync

Out-of-license imagery? Say no more, we will take care of it

With Global Asset Sync, if a stock photo license expires or you choose to discontinue using an image for any reason, updating it once will automatically refresh it across every report, presentation, and marketing material, ensuring that your organization avoids unnecessary complications.

Give your lawyers a break: Ensure compliance across your content

Whether it's changes in privacy policies, terms of service, or compliance disclosures, Global Asset Sync helps your organization stay ahead. When you update legal texts across all files, you mitigate the risk of non-compliance and the associated legal ramifications. This is indispensable for organizations operating in highly regulated industries or multiple jurisdictions, where the cost of a legal oversight can be enormous.
Compliance across your content
Maintain consistency

Want to rebrand or refresh? It takes minutes, not years

Whether it's a complete rebranding or a subtle refresh, maintaining consistency across all brand assets is crucial. Global Asset Sync empowers organizations to update logos, colour schemes, fonts, and slogans across all documents and digital assets with a single update. This ensures that the brand identity remains cohesive without all the manual work.

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Transform your asset management today with Global Asset Sync. Say goodbye to manual updates and hello to efficiency, consistency, and peace of mind.
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