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We Brand PDF editor: unlock the full potential of your files

Say goodbye to files you cannot edit! Give everyone in your organization the tools to import and edit any PDF file.
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Trusted by industry leaders

Best-in-class PDF compatibility

At We Brand, we're proud to offer unparalleled support for PDF files, accommodating over 10,000 types of PDFs sourced from different origins. Our platform stands out from the rest by transcending the basic functionalities of form filling and document signing.
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True PDF editing freedom

With We Brand's PDF Editor, your PDFs become dynamic files that can be permanently edited and stored. Edit text, replace images, change fonts, colors, and page order, all in a user-friendly interface that guarantees your final document looks as it appears on the screen. And you can edit it from any device—be it a computer, tablet, or phone.

A cost effective PDF editor organization-wide

We Brand offers a comprehensive, cost-effective alternative to Adobe Acrobat and other PDF tools. Empower your entire team to perform advanced edits— from filling out forms to replacing images and correcting typos— all from an intuitive interface that doesn't require a design background.
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Unmatched flexibility across platforms

We Brand bridges the gap between various content creation tools, offering universal compatibility that turns your PDFs into versatile, editable files ready for any challenge. Whether it’s from Canva, Google Docs, PowerPoint, or Adobe Photoshop, you can transform your exports into editable We Brand files in seconds.

Print-perfect PDFs every time

We Brand seamlessly integrates all print-related specifications from PDF files, encompassing bleed settings to guarantee your documents are ready for customization and printing. Our print network provides the extra benefit of local printing, enabling swift delivery of high-quality prints that meet your demands.
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From PDF to We Brand templates

We simplify branded document creation by allowing your team to convert PDFs into customizable templates. By setting restrictions on how the file can be customized, your design team controls the narrative, ensuring that every iteration remains true to the original design ethos while offering flexibility for necessary adjustments.

Transforming PDFs into dynamic templates: a seamless transition

Image flexibility

All images from your PDF become placeholders in We Brand, enabling straightforward swaps without impacting the original layout.

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Font consistency

 We Brand identifies and matches the fonts from your PDF with those in your library, preserving the visual integrity of your template.

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Text box preservation

Text boxes retain their original characteristics, ensuring text remains adaptable and true to the original PDF.

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Beyond PDF editing: integration, collaboration, and publishing

We Brand facilitates branded content creation by integrating with your Digital Asset Management (DAM) system for quick access to assets. Customizable roles and permissions facilitate efficient teamwork, while direct publishing options for print, social media, and web enhance distribution. It’s a unified solution for efficient, brand-aligned content creation and sharing.
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Unlock the full spectrum of PDF editing capabilities without the burden of expensive software licenses. We Brand's scalable solution means you can offer these powerful editing tools across your organization, eliminating the need for pricey subscriptions and simplifying your workflow.