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Self-service portals
Every resource at your employee’s fingertips

Company employee portal
Partner’s sales portal
Public portal (UGC)
Template portal

Enterprise intelligence
Stop searching, start asking Knowz

The first DAM platform with enterprise search and knowledge discovery. 

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Import in We Brand
Import design files & convert into templates

Figma files
InDesign files
Import any document type file.

Let us do it for you

Jumpstart program
Jump easy: let us manage your move.
Design services
Imagine more: we design it.
Translation services
Language barriers? We break them.
Development services
Integration without the headache, guaranteed.
On-demand print
Your prints, delivered where you are.

Next-level franchise growth: The brand accelerator portal

A dedicated space for franchisees to access, utilize, and capitalize on brand materials for local market dominance.
Next-level franchise growth

Endorsed by leading franchise brands


Empower your franchisees to shine

We Brand is your go-to hub for turning franchisees into key players in your marketing strategy. Armed with documentation, digital goodies, and adaptable templates, they can customize content to speak directly to their unique audience.

Seamless franchisee onboarding: Kickstart success

Imagine a platform where new members can immerse themselves in your ethos through engaging videos, getting up close and personal with your vision and values. And that's not all—give them access to all essential materials, organized to ensure your franchisees have everything they need to hit the ground running.
Franchise onboarding
Real-time updates

Franchisees in-the-know with real-time updates

Whenever your team publishes new marketing materials, franchisees are instantly alerted through a customizable mix of email, push notifications, and platform alerts. You can keep them always informed about the latest campaigns and promotional content. With the power to tailor these materials with local details, they can seamlessly adapt and share them on their social networks or opt for local printing, keeping your brand present across all locations.

Customization within boundaries: Precision control for franchisee content

You set the rules on customization, from image replacement to text edits, ensuring all materials stay true to your brand standards. Define clear guidelines for compliance, such as minimum pricing limits and promotion deadlines. Plus, you can opt for the approval feature, allowing your team to review and green-light franchisee materials before they go live. It’s the perfect balance of freedom and control, empowering franchisees while safeguarding your brand’s integrity.
Precision control
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Effortless content customization for franchisees

Our automation magic fills templates with their specific details—think address, contact info, and more—giving them a ready-to-roll kit for immediate use. And when they want to add their unique touch? Our intuitive editor steps in, offering the flexibility to customize allowed elements to perfection, all within the franchisor's guidelines. Plus, with our mobile apps, franchisees can tweak and share content on the go, making it perfect for local events or whenever inspiration strikes.

Global printing network: Local, on-demand, and high quality

Our global printing network is here to revolutionize how your franchisees access their marketing materials—local, on-demand, and of unbeatable quality. This approach minimizes waste, slashes shipping distances, and significantly lowers your carbon footprint. We guarantee that your promotional content is top-notch and arrives quickly, maintaining your brand's dynamic presence.
Global printing network

Enhanced platform features for ultimate franchise management

White labeled customization

Transform our interface to reflect your brand, giving the impression that it's a bespoke solution developed by you.

Templates (3) (1)

Tailored views for groups

Segment franchises into distinct groups, allowing you to publish content designed for each segment.

Manage Assignments (3) (1)

Secured & Integrated access

Ensure safe and exclusive access. Streamline the login process and create a unified ecosystem with single sign-on.

Control Deadlines (4) (1)

Insightful analytics & feed

Insightful analytics & feed: Track engagement and creativity

Quickly see which franchisees are most active and what content performs best. Our feed lets you monitor the creative output across your network and zoom in on specific franchisees to see their creations. This streamlined insight helps you identify and amplify what works, ensuring your message hits the mark.

Boosting local social presence with We Brand

Enhance your franchisees' community connections and foster a strong local social presence through customizable content.
Support locals

Support local heroes & events

Celebrate local sports teams and participate in community events to strengthen community bonds.
Local customer testimonials

Feature local customer testimonials

Leverage the power of satisfied customer voices to build trust and enhance credibility.
Spotlight best sellers

Spotlight regional best sellers

Highlight popular local products/services to boost interest and sales.
Celebrate achievements

Celebrate employee achievements

Allow franchisees to foster a positive workplace culture that motivates employees and enhances teamwork.

Before We Brand, different people were creating their own materials in various languages, and our branding was all over the place. Having everyone on one platform has created a cohesive experience for us.

Jessica Ford - TechStars
Jessica FordBranding Communication

We needed a platform to optimize our marketing materials and be able to use a standardized brand identity in all of our agencies. We were looking for something easy to use, but at the same time, something that we could use with the local printers.

Raffaella PaceMarketing Manager

For non-designers, it's a no-brainer; they don't need to worry about where to put the logo or about being professional designers. With these templates and locked elements, they know the logo should go in a specific spot, and then they just need to choose the color or the image. 

Sorawi Phongsakonsunthon
Sorawi PhongsakonsunthonCustomer Success Coordinator

We Brand gives the organization a platform to create and fulfill their needs for materials that was easy-to-use and quick for us to set up and update. This helped to increase the amount of materials created out of our department that were on-brand and cohesive. It's great to give access to the entire organization, but keep brand and visual consistency.

Nicole Neboshynsky AAMS
Nicole NeboshynskyCreative Services Superior

Ready to transform your franchise network?

Empower your franchisees with We Brand, the ultimate tool for boosting engagement and local brand presence. With seamless onboarding, effortless customization, and eco-friendly printing, we've got everything your network needs to shine.
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