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The future of multilingual marketing is now simpler than ever

Enough with the back-and-forth emails and long approval waits! What used to drag on for weeks can now get done in just hours.
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Centralized translations

Oh my, there's a way to centralize translations

No more endless searches for the right files. We Brand streamlines your translation process by centralizing all your text assets for different languages in a convenient digital repository. Everything is organized, linked, and kept up-to-date, ensuring that the latest versions are always translated and available.

Never translate twice (ever again)

Repetitive translation tasks are a thing of the past. Our intelligent system automatically detects and repurposes previously translated text, maintaining consistency across your content. Whether it's your catchy slogans, essential legal text, detailed product descriptions, or even team bios, We Brand keeps everything safe and sound in every language you operate.
Never translate twice
Updates in different regions

Stream updates to different regions automatically

Create new content and watch as We Brand creates translations in all languages seamlessly. Made changes to existing materials? Our linked translations feature ensures that every tweak or adjustment is applied consistently across all versions, saving you the headache of managing multiple files and versions.

Translations are applied directly to marketing materials

Give translators context and streamline the collaboration process by displaying translations directly on marketing materials. With We Brand, translators can see how their translations fit into the overall design and context of the material, resulting in more accurate and effective translations.
Marketing materials translation
Customize local markets

More than words: Customize for local markets

Empower your local teams to go beyond just translating text. With We Brand, you can allow teams to replace images and customize content to better suit local markets. Transform generic campaigns into targeted initiatives that resonate with your audience on a deeper level.

Well-managed translation tasks? We’ve got you

Imagine effortless collaboration among your marketing, legal, and compliance teams. By simplifying the management of translation tasks across diverse regions, we facilitate seamless communication throughout global markets. The outcome? Everyone is aligned, and content is adapted to market nuances quickly.
Translation tasks
Human and AI

Human or AI translation? Why not both?

Choose between human or AI translations based on your needs and preferences. Need a quick turnaround? Opt for AI translations for speedy results. Seeking a more nuanced approach? Trust human translators to deliver quality translations tailored to your brand's voice and tone.

Act based on data-driven insights

Track campaign performance effortlessly with We Brand's built-in analytics. Gain valuable insights into engagement metrics, allowing you to refine your localization strategy and maximize effectiveness on a global scale. With data at your fingertips, make informed decisions that drive results.
Data-driven insights
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