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From action to cut: uncomplicate your video production with We Brand

Let anyone in your team dive into video creation without any prior experience. Our video editor enables your brand to bring stories to life faster and better.
video production with We Brand

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Maximize your reach across every channel

The We Brand video editor ensures your content captivates audiences on YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, TikTok, and beyond. Every story you wish to tell can be tailored perfectly to the format it deserves, ensuring your brand shines brightly, no matter where your audience is watching.

Effortlessly fine-tune your videos to perfection

Unlock the full potential of your content with We Brand video editor's toolkit.

Trim and rearrange

Eliminate unnecessary footage and sequence your clips exactly how you envision.

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Enhance with elements

Inject life into your videos by adding scenes, images, logos, and text. 

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Master the audio

Remove unwanted sounds or enrich your content with music and sound effects.

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Anyone becomes a video maker for your company

Import or craft templates tailored to your brand's aesthetics. It's then easy for anyone in your organization to update elements within a video, like changing an address, or to personalize content by dropping their footage into defined placeholders. This flexibility ensures your videos can quickly adapt to new information or unique perspectives, keeping your content fresh and relevant.
Anyone becomes videomaker

Source your video content with ease

We Brand video editor simplifies how you gather and utilize content.

Your footage

Upload personal clips, use your mobile phone, or capture your screen with just a few clicks.

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Brand assets

Dive into your collection of pre-made brand footage and elements, ready to be woven into your videos for consistent branding.

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Stock media

Explore an expansive library of stock videos and audio tracks. Mix and match with your content to elevate your video's impact.

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Streamlined video production with DAM integration

Integrate We Brand video editor with your Digital Asset Management (DAM) system for dynamic video creation and asset management. The direct access to your DAM helps repurpose existing media while allowing new videos to become valuable assets within your library. Changes to assets in your DAM are automatically updated in your videos, ensuring your content stays current without extra effort.
Streamlined video production
Streamlined collaboration

Streamlined collaboration with integrated video editing and task management

Our video editor is integrated with task management, enabling teams worldwide to collaborate efficiently on projects. This integration centralizes tasks, streamlines the feedback process with real-time communication, and offers robust permission controls to manage access and editing rights.

Transform static designs into animated stories

Elevate your static designs into engaging videos with our animation suite. We Brand empowers you to infuse life into images, transforming them into captivating animations perfect for social media, presentations, and marketing campaigns. Dive into the possibilities of animation and bring a dynamic dimension to your creative projects.
Animated stories

Professional-grade video editing at your fingertips

Engage with creative transitions

Our editor offers a variety of smooth transitions, keeping viewers hooked.

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Deliver exceptional quality

Elevate your content with up to 4K resolution videos. 

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Easily resize videos

Adapt aspect ratios, add stylish backgrounds, or apply smart cropping to make your videos look great on any platform.

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social media integration

Direct social media integration & versatile presentation modes

We Brand video editor features direct social media posting and versatile presentation options for effortless content distribution. Share videos directly to platforms or engage viewers with in-platform playback. Link sharing further simplifies distribution, enhancing visibility and engagement across all channels.
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We Brand video editor simplifies and enhances the video production process, allowing teams to create, collaborate, and share their stories. Empower your brand to produce captivating content that resonates across every channel.