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The first DAM platform with enterprise search and knowledge discovery. 

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Synch your workspace with We Brand's file connector

Effortlessly import, edit, and share files from different cloud drives. Unleash organizational-wide customization and accessibility with We Brand's DAM & Template solutions.

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Simpler file management with We Brand's connector

We Brand’s connector integrates with different data sources, allowing for the bulk import of any file type. This integration simplifies storage and enables the strategic republishing of assets across various user groups as part of our comprehensive Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Brand Portal solution. Reorganize, customize, and share assets for collaboration and accessibility for all departments.
Synced apps

Bulk import files for different needs

Customizable templates

Transform imported files into templates that can be edited, restricted, and republished for tailored use. 

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Static documents

Securely import non-editable files such as manuals, instructional guides, and onboarding materials.

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Asset library expansion

Bulk-import your digital assets—including images, logos, icons, and text blocks—to create a comprehensive asset library. 

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Google Drive connector

Google Drive connector: editing and distribution for the G Suite

Effortlessly import and publish Google Suite files within We Brand’s user-friendly platform, with advanced customization options. This connector also simplifies bringing static content into We Brand, offering improved distribution capabilities across your organization.

Oracle connector: seamless integration with OCM for enhanced content management

Unlock advanced editing and asset management with We Brand's Oracle Connector, a seamless bridge to your Oracle Content Management Cloud. This powerful integration allows for direct edits and automatic asset imports from OCM, streamlining your content workflow on a single platform.
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OneDrive connector: your Microsoft Office suite integration

Directly import and adapt Microsoft Office documents within We Brand, leveraging enhanced editing features for a tailored content experience. This integration streamlines the inclusion of documents—like reports, guidelines, and presentations—facilitating superior approval workflows and distribution strategies within your organization.

Universal drive connector: connect with any platform

With We Brand's Universal Drive Connector, the boundaries of digital asset management disappear. Offering out-of-the-box integrations with Box, Dropbox, and Asset Bank, this versatile tool also boasts the capability to connect with a wide array of other sources through our flexible APIs.
Secured storage
CRM imported

CRM connector: streamline content creation with rich data imports

Designed to seamlessly import data directly from your CRM system, the CRM Connector allows you to incorporate images, product information, user data, and user groups into your We Brand workspace. By using the information stored in your CRM, you can automatically generate personalized, targeted content that simplifies creation.

Facebook content integration: harness social media for richer assets

Unlock the power of social media with We Brand's Facebook Content Integration. This feature aggregates content from Facebook Pages, enabling you to incorporate posts, images, and videos into your digital asset management system.
Social media integration
Storage solutions

Cost-effective storage solutions: maximize savings with We Brand

Discover unparalleled economic efficiency with We Brand’s storage solutions. Tailored to scale with your organization’s needs, our pricing model ensures that the larger the number of users, the lower your costs per user. This approach makes We Brand significantly more cost-effective compared to traditional cloud storage options, providing substantial savings as your organization grows.
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Centralize files from diverse sources and unlock new possibilities in asset management with We Brand's adaptable connectivity solutions.