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We Brand File Import: You Can Finally Edit Those Files

Say goodbye to the frustration of inaccessible file editing. Edit original files on We Brand’s editor and publish them as a template for others to customize.
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Import and Edit Any File

At We Brand, we understand the challenges you face with file compatibility and editing restrictions. That's why we empower you to import files from various tools, transform them into fully editable templates, and publish them for customization according to your brand's guidelines.
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Import. Edit. Publish.

It’s that simple. Whether you're dealing with Figma designs, InDesign layouts, or PDF files, our platform converts them into editable templates. Our cutting-edge technology ensures fonts are recognized, images are framed for easy replacement, and text is perfectly grouped, preserving the original layout's integrity.

Bring in Figma Files in Seconds

With the We Brand Figma plugin, importing your Figma boards directly into our platform is a breeze—eliminating the need for downloads and reuploads. Experience the freedom to edit every element and layer, thanks to our SVG-based architecture that mirrors Figma's versatility.
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Edit InDesign Files Like Nowhere Else

Forget the limitations of other conversion tools. We Brand's InDesign web-edit plugin supports complex text editing features like indentation, text overflow, and page numbers. Transform your InDesign files into customizable templates that follow your brand guidelines.

Your PDFs Beyond Simple Edits

Welcome to We Brand's PDF editing, where we go beyond form-filling and e-signatures, allowing you to fully edit every element. Our platform offers unparalleled editing capabilities, from detailed image manipulation and text tweaks to complete layout overhauls, putting every feature you need at your fingertips.
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Import from Anywhere, Embrace Universal Compatibility

Export from platforms like Canva, Google Docs, Google Slides, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe Photoshop as PDFs, and easily import these files into We Brand. These PDFs then become fully editable templates, ripe for deep customization. This approach ensures universal compatibility across multiple editing tools and transforms your documents into adaptable templates.

Bulk Import Files with Our Connector

We Brand’s connector integrates with file storage solutions like Google Drive and Microsoft 365, allowing for the bulk import of any file type. This integration simplifies storage and enables the strategic republishing of assets across various user groups as part of our comprehensive Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Brand Portal solution. You can effortlessly reorganize, customize, and share assets, fostering collaboration and maintaining accessibility for all departments.
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By breaking down the barriers to editing and customization, We Brand empowers you to unleash your potential. Join us on this journey and experience the freedom to create, edit, and share like never before.