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The first DAM platform with enterprise search and knowledge discovery. 

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Jumpstart program
Jump easy: let us manage your move.
Design services
Imagine more: we design it.
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Language barriers? We break them.
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Integration without the headache, guaranteed.
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Let tasks handle themselves: Simplify approvals and creative processes

We Brand allows you to boost efficiency, foster collaboration, and elevate your brand's presence. Embrace the seamless integration of task management, content approvals, and intelligent workflows.
Approvals and processes

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Task management

Task management: Your creative engine, supercharged

Manage all your creative projects in one place. Easily assign and manage tasks while ensuring everyone, from sales to legal, stays in the loop and up to speed. Deadlines? You'll have them under control! Plus, all of this is supported by intuitive tools that keep your team connected and focused on what truly matters: pushing your brand forward.

Organize, assign, achieve. With We Brand's task manager, you can:

Streamline tasks

Create briefs for templates and assets, ensuring all project communication is neatly managed within the task itself.

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Manage assignments

Assign and manage tasks across your team, ensuring everyone from the sales director to the legal team is involved and informed.

Manage Assignments (1)

Control deadlines

Set and manage deadlines with precision, ensuring timely completion and consistent progress toward your goals.

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Content approvals: Empower creativity, ensure consistency

Imagine a world where every team member can unleash their creativity without causing a brand identity crisis. With We Brand, you can let anyone create content for your organization and check before it’s published. And when content doesn't hit the mark, approvers can explain why, so creators can tweak and improve. Plus, approvers can even make the necessary adjustments themselves and then give their seal of approval, ensuring the process is as efficient as it is effective.
Content approvals

Say "yes" to innovation and "no" to off-brand mishaps at the same time



Allow anyone in your organization to create content.


Choose which files require your approval before being published.


Select approvers within your team to automatically receive the task.


Review and approve files before downloading, printing, or sharing.
Intelligent workflows

Intelligent workflows: The future of creative automation

Turn hours of tedious tasks into moments of effortless automation. By leveraging our cutting-edge workflows, teams can set a rule once and watch as AI takes over, meticulously executing tasks. This saves hundreds of hours and allows your creative and strategic efforts to flourish without the mundane overhead.

Automate, simplify, excel. With We Brand, you can:

Auto-create and assign tasks

Implement automated workflows that effortlessly generate and assign tasks, streamlining your creative process.

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Manage translations seamlessly

Extend workflows to seamlessly manage translations within documents and media, ensuring global consistency.

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Auto-publish content

Automate content publication, customized for global, national, and local levels with auto-replacement of text, logos, and more.

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Keeping track without the sweat: Auditability made easy

Every little move made within your digital asset management system? We log it. Yep, every single action is meticulously noted, offering you the ultimate peace of mind with transparency and traceability that's hard to beat. So, relax and focus on the big stuff; we'll handle the nitty-gritty of keeping things in line and audit-friendly.
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Let time be spent on innovation, instead of repetitive and time-consuming tasks

Discover how We Brand can save your organization time, help you dispatch campaigns faster, and reduce rework.