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We Brand: Your replacement for Figma, Adobe, and PDF editors across your entire organization

Replace Figma, Adobe and PDF editors

Trusted by industry leaders

Editing solution

A company-wide creation & editing solution

Gone are the days of juggling multiple licenses for Figma, Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Creative Cloud. We Brand simplifies everything, offering creation and editing tools for everyone who needs them. It is incredibly user-friendly, so whether you're a design professional or just a team member wanting to create something simple, you can dive right in.

Unlocking universal access: Economy of scale with We Brand

Traditional design software comes with a high cost per user, limiting license distribution within organizations and hindering content creation. We Brand challenges this norm by introducing an economical pricing model designed for inclusivity. Our approach significantly lowers the cost of equipping every team member with top-tier creation and editing tools, fostering an environment where creativity and collaboration flourish without financial constraints.
Universal access
Replace InDesign

Replace InDesign: Editorial & printing precision

Switch from InDesign to We Brand for unmatched editorial and printing capabilities. Our platform supports essential features like headers, footers, section names, page numbers, and tables of content, seamlessly maintaining paragraph style attributes. Plus, handle text overflow, numbered and bullet lists with custom icons with ease. We Brand also ensures your documents are print-ready, managing bleed, safe areas, and checking image quality.

Replace Figma: SVG & Real-time collaboration

We Brand is your next step beyond Figma, offering SVG support for perfect scaling and collaboration features for artwork discussions. Directly manage projects as a team in a single, unified space. We Brand is the ideal choice for organizations aiming to upgrade their design workflow from Figma to a more integrated and efficient solution.
Replace Figma
Replace photoshop

Replace Photoshop: Advanced image editing & background removal

Step up from Photoshop to We Brand for image editing capabilities, especially with our precise background removal feature. Ideal for product photography, real estate listings, and enhancing profile photos, our tool delivers flawless results. Embrace a tool designed for today's visual demands, making advanced photo editing accessible to everyone in your organization.

Replace Adobe Acrobat & other PDF editors: Form filling, editing & beyond

Elevate PDF editing beyond the capabilities of Adobe Acrobat with We Brand. Empower your team with the ability to fill out forms, sign documents, and edit every element of a PDF file. With We Brand, replacing images, fixing typos, and customizing layouts is straightforward, making advanced editing accessible to all, not just designers.
Replace Adobe Acrobat and other PDF editors

Beyond editing and creation: a comprehensive suite for streamlined content creation

Direct DAM integration

Instant access to images, fonts, and text from your DAM, streamlining your creative process and ensuring brand consistency.

DAM (1)

Custom roles & permissions

Tailor access and editing rights within your organization, enabling efficient collaboration and maintaining brand integrity.

Custom Roles (1)

Seamless publishing

Direct connection to publishing options—print globally, share on social media, or publish as a web page—all from within the We Brand platform.
Seamless Publishing (1)

Replace design tools & video editors

Replace other design tools & video editors

We Brand is your all-encompassing solution, designed to replace all other content creation tools, including Canva, Adobe Express, and other design and video editing platforms. By consolidating your licenses into one powerful, user-friendly platform, We Brand reduces costs, enhances efficiency, and elevates the quality of your output.

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Empower everyone in your organization with the resources they need, ensuring innovation and efficiency are within everyone's reach.
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