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We Brand's animation editor: Where your brand meets motion

Perfect for enhancing your ads, website, social media, and beyond, our Animation Editor transforms your artwork into animated content.
Animation editor

Trusted by industry leaders

Animation magic

Animation magic for every creator

With We Brand, creating animations is as simple as a few clicks. Our design-to-motion editor empowers you to create animated content - no professional skills are required. Welcome to a world where every design is an opportunity for more engagement.

Transform your static designs into animated content

Apply animation effects

Select from an array of effects, including fades, rotations, zooms, and more.

Animation Effect (1)

Choose what to animate

Customize your animation by applying effects to the entire page or specific elements.

Cuztomize (1)

Create multi-scene animation

Effortlessly convert pages into multi-scene animations, adding depth to your storytelling.

Multi-Scene Animation (1) (1)

Combine your videos with logo, text and images

Incorporate your existing videos into designs by simply dragging them into the canvas. Place your video within unique frames, add your logos and addresses, and choose from various backgrounds to make your content stand out. This integration ensures your brand's details are always visible, making each video a distinctive representation of your identity.
Combine videos, logo, text, images

Discover the possibilities with our animator

GIF creation

Craft captivating GIFs for memes, social media posts, and graphics displays, bringing your digital presence to life with motion.

GIF Creation (1)

Versatile video production

Generate videos tailored for any platform, with the ability to export in various file formats, including MP4 and MOV.

Video Production (1)

Animated web banners & ads

Design animated content and export in the WebM format, optimizing for performance without sacrificing visual appeal.

Animated Web Ads (1)

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Elevate your brand with animated templates

Empower your design team to create animated templates as the foundation for your organization's visual storytelling. These templates not only unify brand identity but also introduce the ability to restrict animation changes. This ensures that while anyone in your organization can customize templates with their content, the integrity and dynamism of the animation remain untouched. Make professional-quality animation effortlessly accessible to all.

Animated social content: Stand out on social media

Elevate your social media presence with animated content that captures attention and leaves a lasting impact. Choose from a variety of popular animation styles to make your posts pop.
Animated social content
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Engaging presentations: Captivate your audience

We Brand enables companies to create preset presentations with animated elements, adding a dynamic touch to your message. Allow anyone to customize these templates with their content and send them as engaging video presentations.

Web graphics & ads: Dynamic online presence

Keep your website and online advertisements fresh and engaging with animated web graphics and ads. Our animator simplifies the creation of dynamic banners that can be easily updated to feature new products, prices, and calls to action.
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Testimonials: Authentic voices in motion

Enhance the impact of testimonials by allowing employees and clients to place their video messages within branded templates. These posts give an authentic view of your company, leveraging real stories in a visually engaging format.

Behind the scenes: Share your story with ease

Create quick behind-the-scenes videos by dragging and dropping footage from your mobile phone into branded templates. This feature allows you to offer a glimpse into the people and processes behind your company.
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Embrace the transformative power of motion with We Brand's Animation Editor, your gateway to turning static designs into captivating animated narratives. Ready to see your brand in motion?