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We Brand Figma plugin: direct export meets effortless editing

Transform Figma Files into Customizable We Brand Templates with Complete Control Over Every Element.
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Trusted by industry leaders

Figma integration: more editing flexibility with We Brand

Figma has become a go-to for designers crafting digital experiences, yet these creations often remain confined to a few hands. We Brand changes the game by converting Figma designs into accessible templates for everyone in the organization. This shift democratizes design, allowing everyone to contribute to a unified digital brand presence.
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From Figma files to dynamic We Brand templates: a seamless transformation

Select the Figma boards you wish to transform, hit export, and watch as your designs transition into We Brand templates. This direct path from creation to customization allows you to fine-tune your work and publish it for broader use. It's a simple yet powerful way to ensure that your creative vision is accessible, adaptable, and ready for collaboration across your teams.

From static image to image placeholder

Every image within the imported Figma file morphs into a customizable image placeholder. This transformation allows users across the organization to effortlessly swap images, tailoring the content to fit their needs without compromising the original design integrity.
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Automatic board conversion & layer recognition

Figma boards transition into different pages within We Brand, and layers are recognized for editing. This structure enables precise adjustments and additions, ensuring that each template can evolve to meet diverse project requirements while maintaining design coherence.

Advanced font matching & smart alternatives

As Figma files make their way into We Brand templates, we identify and align fonts with those in your existing font library. In cases where specific fonts are not available, We Brand automatically suggests and applies system fonts that closely mirror the original design. This ensures your digital branding remains consistent and visually compelling.
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Empowering organization-wide creation

Once Figma files are imported into We Brand and published as templates, a new realm of collaboration unfolds. Our editor meticulously preserves the design team's intent, allowing changes only within pre-approved parameters to ensure brand consistency. This integration combines with We Brand's automation to smartly auto-populate these templates, dramatically reducing the need for extensive design skills or effort.

Additional advantages of bringing Figma files to We Brand

DAM integration

Automatically syncs Figma file assets with your DAM system, ensuring instant updates and consistent asset use across all templates.

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Mobile editing

Edit and customize templates directly from mobile devices, granting flexibility and efficiency to manage projects anytime, anywhere.

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Task manager connectivity

Enhances collaboration by linking projects with your task manager, streamlining task delegation and progress tracking in one unified workflow.

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Economical scaling & simplified design process with We Brand

Dive into the era of cost-effective design collaboration with We Brand, where the need for additional Figma licenses and the steep learning curve for non-designers become a thing of the past. We Brand offers a solution that scales economically with your organization's needs, allowing for significant savings on software expenses
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Embrace the future of collaborative design with We Brand's Figma Plugin, where every team member can contribute to a cohesive and dynamic digital brand identity.