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Oh hello, high standards! We Brand advanced restrictions: Create a unified brand experience like never before

Wave goodbye to off-brand mishap! Ensure that every marketing material reflects your core values and visual identity.
Advanced restrictions

Trusted by industry leaders

Full control

Have full control over your marketing materials

Forget the limitations of other platforms. We Brand redefines template restrictions, offering an advanced, yet user-friendly system that puts you in complete control. Decide precisely how each template element can be modified, from fonts and colors to logos and placements. Ensure that your branded materials are used as intended, without compromises.

Ensure design consistency: Control changes with precision

Dictate exactly how your designs can be altered. With We Brand, you have the power to define how fonts, colors, logos, and placements are modified, guaranteeing that the design integrity is maintained. Let everyone in your organization use your branded materials with confidence, knowing that the end result will always align with your brand's vision.
Design consistency
Consistent messaging

Protect your content: Guard against inconsistent messaging

Prevent your content from straying from your brand's values or publishing incorrect information. We Brand allows you to stop others from using outdated company information, reducing prices below set thresholds, extending promotions beyond their end dates, and more. Ensure that your brand's message remains clear, accurate, and aligned with your values at all times.

Control distribution: Restrict what can be done with your files

Whether it's preventing unauthorized sharing on social media or controlling printing rights, We Brand gives you the flexibility to restrict how your designs are downloaded, shared, and printed. Maintain control over your materials' distribution and usage, safeguarding your brand's presence wherever it appears.
Control distribution
Define and control additions

Choose what can be added—and from where

Want to allow additions while keeping your materials' look and feel intact? We Brand lets you precisely define what can be added to your templates, from logos to images, and dictate the sources—be it company assets, royalty-free stock images, or social media pages.

Empower your organization with automatic generation

Set up customizable fields once and watch as user information is seamlessly populated across all necessary files with a single touch. This not only saves time and reduces errors but also ensures consistency across your brand’s materials. With the ability to integrate with CRM and HR systems, We Brand streamlines your workflows, liberates your team’s creativity, and maintains brand integrity, setting you ahead in the branding game.
Automatic generation
Simple setup, intuitive operation

Simple setup, intuitive operation

No more complex coding and cumbersome systems. We Brand's simple setup, featuring pre-defined restrictions and easy-to-use toggles, makes it a breeze to establish template controls. With clear, straightforward guidelines for users, there's no learning curve or specialized skills needed to create branded marketing materials that meet your high standards.

Step right up to the most advanced restrictions in the biz

Using external content
  • Use own images
  • Use web images
  • Access to our backgrounds
  • Access to our vectors
Image replacement
  • Specify images or sources of images that can be used to replace.
Text element design
  • Resize text box
  • Change opacity
  • Change colour
  • Delete
  • Duplicate
  • Rotate & flip
  • Movement
  • Change layer order
  • Change content
  • Change font size
  • Change spacing
  • Change alignment
  • Change style
Adding content
  • Draw
  • Add text
  • Add images
  • Add vectors
  • Add logos
Image element design
  • Resize image box
  • Change opacity
  • Delete
  • Duplicate
  • Rotate & flip
  • Movement
  • Change layer order
  • Change filter
  • Crop or reposition within frame
  • Replace
  • Replace image
Vector & logo element design
  • Change size
  • Change opacity
  • Change colour
  • Delete
  • Duplicate
  • Rotate & flip
  • Movement
  • Change layer order
  • Change stroke
Text customization
  • Allow any content
  • Specify numeric content min and max
  • Specify text content
  • Specify dates from and to
  • Specify prices min and max and currency
  • Only accept emails
Logo replacement
  • Specify logos or sources of logos that can be used to replace

Unlock the full potential of your brand

With We Brand, you gain the tools to create a cohesive brand experience, protect your content, and control how your marketing materials are used and distributed—all with simplicity and precision. 
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