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We Brand: your no code solution to creating web content

Unlock the power of seamless, code-free web content with We Brand's HTML editor.
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Trusted by industry leaders

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Code-free creativity: empowering businesses with HTML editing

Dive into the world of web design without coding knowledge. We Brand equips your teams with the power to create compelling email marketing campaigns, professional email signatures, bespoke web pages, and beyond—all fully customizable by any member within your organization.

Elevate your email communications

Craft perfectly responsive email templates that excel on every device, letting your message stand out. Our editor offers versatility, enabling the creation of everything from sleek signatures to engaging email marketing. It ensures team members across departments can confidently create campaigns, maintaining brand consistency effortlessly.
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Create stunning web pages

Effortlessly launch microsites or new web pages, capturing attention and boosting sales. Our editor’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface and customizable blocks make it simple for any team member to craft web pages aligned with your brand. Empower your teams to create on-brand web content without requiring any coding or design skills.

Design dynamic web content

Elevate your online presence by crafting dynamic web banners and compelling browser presentations that grab attention. Our editor's flexibility supports HTML format creations, ensuring seamless compatibility. Transform ideas into interactive experiences, enhancing your digital footprint with engaging content.
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Streamlined creation and customization with We Brand

Drag & drop convenience

Explore our library of pre-designed blocks and piece together your project with our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

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Unleash limitless styling

With our powerful Style Manager, apply styling to any component. From color to typography, customize with ease to match your vision.

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Tailor-made for all devices

Our tools help you optimize for a responsive design, offering a perfect experience across all devices.

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Enhanced collaboration and integration for corporate teams

Elevate your collaborative efforts and content quality with our platform, designed to simplify the creative process while ensuring excellence. Now seamlessly connected with Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems, our platform allows for the effortless use and replacement of images and text within HTML files, streamlining the design workflow. This integration maintains brand integrity across all digital assets, safeguarding against unauthorized modifications.

Advanced features for precision and control

Master your structure

Keep your project's structure clear and manageable, no matter its complexity. Our Layer Manager tool allows for easy management and rearrangement of elements, ensuring a focus on architecture.

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Code accessibility

While our platform champions code-free design, the code is readily accessible for those who wish to dive deeper. Perfect for developers looking to implement custom storage interfaces or fine-tune their projects.

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Customizable template restrictions

Administrators have the power to set restrictions on template customization, ensuring that the core style and design integrity remain intact. 

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Transform static esigns into dynamic web content - coming soon!

Unlock the full potential of your designs with We Brand's HTML Editor, where transforming static files into vibrant HTML content is simpler than ever. Whether your original designs are in Figma, InDesign, Illustrator, or any other design software, our platform bridges the gap between static creativity and dynamic online presence. Seamlessly import your files and watch as they become fully responsive web pages or engaging email campaigns within minutes.
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Ready to transform your digital presence?

With We Brand, your creative work gains new life, enabling you to capture your audience's attention across different digital platforms effortlessly.