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Set and forget with a self-service template portal

Allow everyone to create on-brand content without needing approvals. Ensure your brand guidelines are met in every file, simplifying creativity in your organization.
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Trusted by industry leaders

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Say goodbye to endless requests and hello to brand advocacy

Employees, partners, and customers can customize your templates, from social media posts to business cards. Simply import existing artwork as templates and incorporate your brand guidelines into the system to create consistency and autonomy.

Tailored access: Customize template visibility

Keep your portal neat and everyone on point by organizing templates into collections and sharing them with specific user groups. This ensures people access only the templates relevant to their roles, reducing clutter and enhancing focus. Plus, set up templates to pop up for special dates and disappear when they're no longer needed.
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Easy editing and automatic generation

Our editor guides users through the customization process, ensuring that personalizing a template is fast and straightforward. For those needing to customize multiple files, our automation feature allows them to fill out their details once and apply them across various documents efficiently. Plus, your template can be customized from a computer, tablet or phone.

Set up your templates with no rework

Jumping into We Brand is quick, thanks to its compatibility with Adobe Suite, Figma, and PDF formats. There's no need for your team to reconstruct original artwork into templates. With our straightforward plugins, you can export files directly into the platform or upload them for full editability within the We Brand editor.
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Your artwork, their twist: A simple guide to sharing creativity

Embrace the ease of We Brand for template customization.


Import from InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, or upload any PDF file. Edit them right within We Brand's editor.

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Define which elements of your artwork are up for customization and set clear boundaries on how they are modified.

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Allow every member in your organization to personalize, share and print their own versions of your artwork.

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Monitor your portal with the user feed

See the creativity unfold in real time as your team, partners, and customers bring your templates to life. With the ability to filter the feed by actions, user groups, or specific individuals, you gain targeted insights into how your resources are utilized, allowing you to tailor content more effectively.

Harness the power of analytics

Our analytics feature takes the guesswork out of engagement, showing you what's popular and why. This isn't just data—it's a roadmap to what resonates with your audience, enabling you to double down on what works. Discover the most active users and the content they're creating, allowing you to recognize and reward your top contributors.
Master your data with real-time feeds and complete audit trails (1)

Why opt for a template portal?

A template portal simplifies brand management, saves time, and enhances content relevance, making it a vital tool for effective brand strategy.

Content control

Automatically update assets in templates and derived files to keep everything current.

Brand consistency

Share customizable artwork while keeping your content cohesive with your identity.

Time savings

Allow your team to innovate and be more creative by eliminating duplicate graphics tasks.

User-generated content

Brands can allow their audiences to put their own voice on their campaigns.
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Embrace the simplicity and power of We Brand

Dive into a new era of brand advocacy and forget the complexities of content creation.